1.5 kW Off Grid System – Millmerran Downs

Date: February 28, 2016

This Off Grid Solar system comprises of 6 x 250 Watt Suntech solar panels, Midnite Solar 80 Amp MPPT solar charger, Outback VFX 3048E 3000Watt/ 42 Amp inverter/charger and 24 x 830 Amp-hour Exide Energystore deep-cycle batteries.

The Outback inverter/charger automatically detects when the generator is present and switches the load from the inverters to generator, whilst recharging the batteries. The Outback inverter/charger can deliver a massive 5750 Watts of surge power to start up water pumps, fridges, freezers and power tools.

The Midnite Solar mppt (maximum power point tracker) charger can deliver 80 Amps continuous, has easy to use display and records information in and out of the whole system. The owners can increase the size of this system up to 3 kW, as the Midnite charger was selected for future proofing, however, like any system the battery bank remains at the heart of the system,.

The Exide Energystore deep-cycle batteries supply 5 days of electrical energy, meaning that if the advent of overcast weather the owners still have continuous and reliable power. Once the sun shines again, the 1.5 kW array recharges the battery bank in less than 2.5 days.

This Off Grid Solar system supplies all essential power to a household including 1 fridge/freezer, lighting, kitchen appliances, washing machine, computers, entertainment, power tools, water pump etc. It was a solution of getting reliable electricity to a site where the main electricity was more than 1 kilometre.

View photos of this Off Grid Solar system below;

OutbacK VFXR3048 Inverter/charger, an excellent inverter for the economically conscious;


View of the solar array from the verandah;
1.5 KW Array

Battery Bank consisting of 24 x 830 Amp-hrs or 32 kW’hrs (@ 80% depth of discharge)6RP830