1.5 kW Off Grid Solar Stanthorpe

Date: May 19, 2015

This Off Grid Solar Power system was relocated from a nearby property and upgraded with new CNPV 205 Watt solar panels, a Plasmatronics 40 Amp solar regulator and Sonnenschein 330 Amp-hour batteries. The existing equipment includes Selectronic 2000 Watt continuous Off Grid solar inverter, 6 x 80 Watt BP solar panels, 6 x 150 Amp-hour batteries andĀ Plasmatronics 20 Amp solar regulator.

This Off Grid Solar system supplies all essential power to a household including fridge, washing machine, lighting, fans, microwave, power tools including welder, drills, drop saw and grinders. It was a solution of getting reliable electricity to a site where the cost of mains connection was estimated at more than $30,000.

At Stand Alone, we pride ourselves on taking on any job. As a testimony, we are content to work within customers budgets & provide the services they require – we don’t simply knock back a job because a customer has provided their own equipment.

View photos of this Off Grid Solar system below.