Off Grid Solar System

What are the advantages and off grid solar system?

Completely silent power production
No bills from electricity companies
No power outages or interruptions
Environmentally friendly
Saves you thousands over its lifetime
You can still be connected to the grid at a later date if you find you need more power
There are little or no ongoing running costs
If you live in remote locations it may be more cost effective to install than getting mains electricity connected.
Wind turbines can be included in the system also to help generate electricity or to supplement the generation of electricity when your solar panels can’t see sunlight.

An off grid solar system is your own stand alone solar electricity farm. An off grid electricity system allows you to generate your own power rather than paying ever rising energy charges to power companies. The system requires an initial investment in equipment including solar cells, batteries and power inverters; which is recovered over the life of the equipment. If you take into account the high price of electricity in Queensland and the life span of an off grid solar system, becoming you own electricity generator will save you thousands per year.

Stand alone solar power systems work by capturing sunlight during the day and converting that solar energy into electricity. The power generated by the solar cells is then stored in deep cycle batteries for night time use.

An off grid solar system can be installed anywhere you have enough space, but if you live in a remote area of Queensland with no existing power infrastructure then installing an off grid system will be more cost effective than bringing power line delivered electricity to your home. If you live in a remote area see this link for more information.

About Off Grid Solar

The term off grid refers to not being connected to the government supplied network for public utilities. It is mainly used in terms of not being connected to the main or national transmission grid for electricity or other utilities. Being off grid can mean living off of stand alone power systems (SAPS) or mini-grids that are typically designed to provide smaller communities with electricity.

An off grid solar system operates independently from the main electricity grid. It is usually used for personal energy generation and can also be a hybrid system of on grid and off grid power supplies.

Full off grid solar systems use solar panels, deep cycle batteries, inverters and your current switchboard. There is no rewiring of the house and at any time you can switch back to on grid power if your energy usage spikes. Off grid solar systems can turn your home into its own energy provider.

How does off grid solar work?



An Off Grid System and its parts


A stand alone system isn’t particularly complicated although it can look complex at first. Put simply here is how an off grid system produces power for your home;

  1. The Sun shines on the solar panels which in turn absorb the electrons converting the sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity (the same as grid-interactive systems).
  2. The DC electricity is then stored in the battery bank and is controlled by a solar charger which ensures that the batteries are properly charged.
  3. The energy stored in the batteries is run through an inverter which then converts the direct current 240 volt alternating current (A.C) that we are all familiar with and use.
  4. The inverter then delivers the 240 volt electricity to all of your normal house hold appliances through your existing switchboard including power tools and air conditioning.

A standalone system set up can take some planning and thought. But, the benefits in most cases far outweigh the costs in both time and money.

The design team at stand alone power have designed custom stand alone solar systems for everything from railway sheds and outback sheds to powering full homes and workshops. All of our custom designed off the grid systems are designed with reliability, safety and security

How do I get started?

If you are in the process of researching your options for providing electricity to your home, shed or remote property then take advantage of the extensive knowledge within out system design team and contact our off grid solar technician, Mark, for a no obligation chat about your power needs.

As Stand Alone Power Systems typically customises each system, if you decide that a stand alone system is right for you we find it best to design the system and you send full quote. See the example below for an example quote including off grid solar design summary as listed below.



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