5kw Off Grid Solar System

Powerful 5kW Off Grid Solar System

This 5kw Off Grid Solar System is a standard design which can be applied to any home or outback shed. Positioning the solar panels at a 90 degree angle to the sun for optimum solar absorption this solar power system is capable of running this outback shed’s lighting, electric tools and the beer fridge completely free of mains power.

Located 54 kilometres North West of the Brisbane CBD this simple 5kw off grid solar system is able to absorb enough power to save a family 1000′s of dollars per year.

Best of all, with this system is completely operable all year round with deep cycle cell batteries storing power for night or rainy day use.

5kw off grid solar system


This 5kw construction consists of;

The control panel includes 7 solar disconnect circuit breakers, which act as a device to measure 3 panels at a time for warranty and servicing. The SP PRO inverter-charger includes an auto change-over switch from the inverter to generator, so when the generator is running all electrical loads are supplied from the generator, hence saving on fuel costs.

Monitor Your Off Grid Solar System

This 5kw stand alone system also includes an Outback Mate monitoring screen which serves as a useful tool for monitoring system performance. The Outback Mate is conveniently located in the home approximately 300 metres from the Stand Alone System where system performance (including the battery bank charge) can be measured like a fuel gauge without having to ever leave the house.

Power Everything with your 5kw Off Grid Solar System

This Off Grid Solar system supplies all essential power to a remote household near Mt. Pleasant.

Electrical items supplied by this standalone solar power system include two fridges/freezers in the house, all lighting and fans, the washing machine, TV, computer, water pumps and the complete workshop including welder, power saw, drills and car hoist.