Stand Alone Solar

Stand alone solar systems are the smart choice for those that are genuinely concerned with the costs associated with the connection of electricity to the utility or main grid so we have developed a range of customised solutions that are cheaper and provide a more reliable source of electricity with no black outs and no spikes in electricity.

Installing a complete stand alone system can be a huge benefit to everyone not just those that live remotely. Saving on your power bills is something everyone is interested in doing no matter what the bill actually is. There are however numerous other benefits to living off the grid that installing a stand alone system can provide. Such as;

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Trackable & silent power production
  • Effective all year round
  • No blackouts
  • No power surges
  • Can be combined with a wind turbine
  • Can be connected to the grid in the future

Why Choose Us?

We specialise in the design and installation of any sized stand alone solar system. Our design team has some of the highest qualified renewable energy engineers in Australia, while our install team maintains the same integrity by quality installations.

  • Experience – our specialized design team has been drawing up the best custom stand alone systems for over 10 years.
  • Efficiency – Friendly and efficient install team will have you off the grid in no time.
  • Sincerity – We never take on a job we can’t do
  • Fairness – Some companies can charge excessively for design and installation services. We don’t.

How Can We Help You?

We realise that for many people installing a stand alone system to your home isn’t just a matter of preference. It’s a necessity.

Stand alone solar systems have been working to provide remote areas and properties with the means to power their homes, workshops and sheds without having to pay the electricity companies for costly power line installations or constantly rising diesel prices for generators.

We are able to supply stand alone solar to;

  • Businesses
  • Remote properties
  • Residences
  • Sheds
  • Workshops

And anything in-between.

No matter the challenge the team at Stand Alone Power Systems are able to offer you a customised stand alone solar system that will power your home completely from the sun, has deep cycle battery cell technology for rainy days and emergencies and, is reconnect-able to the grid in the future.

 Our Products

To complete the installation of stand alone solar systems we stock a range of products that are professionally constructed and tested in the harsh elements of the Australian outback so we know they match up with Australian standards.

Solar Panels

Stand Alone Power Systems only delivers solar panels that can withstand the intensity of the Australian sun.

We only stay with what we know, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Our attitude is simple, ‘if it’s not broken, why fix it’.

Many manufacturers make claims regarding their product performances – in the lab at Stand Alone Power Systems we aren’t interested in what a bloke in a white lab coat has to say. We focus all of our products on results from real experiences.


When we sourced inverters for our off-the-grid systems we knew that we would need to find companies that were trustworthy and experienced that’s why we picked only Australian made and designed inverters in the Stand Alone (Off-grid) market.

These companies sharing over 60 years of experience in the development of power conversion equipment have products that have been tested in some of the harshest environments in our Outback.

By choosing Stand Alone Power Systems you are supporting locally made products and industries. All products are backed by excellent warranties and support.


The Plasmatronics PL series of charge controllers are the industry standard, and one of our personal favourite products to use. Field proven and an easy way to take control of your battery based renewable energy system Plasmatronics have tens of thousands of units in service, in a huge variety of stand alone power systems.

The Plasmatronics PL series has a well-earned reputation for versatility and reliability we have developed a product which will suit many different markets including; Off grid solar, On the grid with back up, marine, mobile and Industrial.